In many African countries, its difficult to access funding. The concept of crowd funding is fairly new in the continent. the key objective today was for the audience to share information, to add new campaigns on the one percent website and raise first euros for the campaigns. Cheetah Fund are planning to give 400,000 euros (about 40,000,000 KES) in funding to 100 African initiatitives and projects that are planning to raise between 250 euros and 15,000 euros… so long as they are able to raise 30% of the amount they want within 30 days.!/pp/cheetah

“The crowdfunding industry has grown exponentially over the last five years, helping people raise billions in funding for everything from donations for personal art projects to equity financing for businesses.” Says Chance Barnett CEO

As the founder of a crowd sourcing company, Mr. Chance speculates that the online sourcing of funds is on a steady growth path having transacted more than $5.8 billion in 2013. He also admits that the crowdfunding concept is still a new concept (about 5 years old). He also names a few other websites that allows you to source for funds E.G. indiegogo and Kickstarter(where Kenya’s iHUB BRCK hard sourced for funding).

With the success of Ushahidi, in sourcing $125,000( 10 million) for the development/manufacturing of BRCK and getting over $172, 107 from the kickstarters. They were giving rewards in terms of T-shirts, canvas accessories and a safari to Kenya for the  person who pledged more than $10,000. This was way back in June 2013.

So what are you waiting for Africa, get your project on a crowd funding platform and get funding.


By Neville Mugambi.




App challenge decor at C4Dlab, Chiromo campus

App challenge decor at C4Dlab, Chiromo campus

On the 26th September 2014, Intel East Africa in partnership with the University of Nairobi Chiromo campus and C4Dlab innovation center organised their version of #intelAndroid challenge. The event brought together students from Kenyatta University, JKUAT, Moi University, St. Pauls University(Limuru) and Egerton University. Dr. Bitange Ndemo was the chief Guest. The best 3 apps would eventually determine the winning University.

The C4Dlab

The C4Dlab

From XOXO , Pupil Quiz, Stimalite to Inventory management applications. The students went all out. The judges had a very hard time to choose between close to over 20 android apps. The judging criteria was fair for the students as its focused on dynamic aspects of the developed apps. Key judging criteria was User Interface-out of ten.  Other criteria included relevance, Native(local) and appthwack test:

“A startUp is like a child, they crawl for some time but as they begin to walk, they fall several times before they learn. If you are resilient you will create something that will change the world” Said Dr. Bitange Ndemo. He also added that it makes him happy to see a lot of young people breaking through in the technology industry.

kOBI MOMANYI number 3


Number 3: Kobi Momanyi from JKUAT who received his award from Judge Linet Kwamboka

ALELA ROY number 2

ALELA ROY number 2

Number 2: Alela Roy from the University of Nairobi who got earphones and an Asus phone tab from Judge

The #appchallengeKE winner, Simon

The #appchallengeKE winner, Simon

Number 1: Simon…  StimaLite android application who had the opportunity of receiving the award from Dr. Bitange Ndemo(Former Permanent secretary ICT)

The app challenge cup

The app challenge cup


Every student was a winner that day, though the judges still had to rank them. The winning universities where as follows

  1. JKUAT WITH 192 Marks
  2. UON WITH 173 Marks
  3. KU WITH 100 Marks
A snapshot of Stimalite

A snapshot of Stimalite

Stimalite brings you interruption notices straight to your device. With automatic synchronization you will receive alerts specified for your location on time and you can share the information with others.


 By Neville Mugambi.

Photos: Courtesy of Peter Oyamo






Youthspark is a global initiative by Microsoft to empower 300 million people with the IT and ICT skills required in today’s world. There are over 30 free programs offered by Microsoft Youthspark program.

There are currently over 75million unemployed youths in the world. These youths lack the necessary skills that Multinational companies and Tech companies are looking for. These positions are normally filled with under or over employed men and women as the youths are nowhere to be seen. That’s where the Youthspark hub comes in

One of the #youthsaprk tools kit

One of the #youthsaprk tools kit

By getting into the youthspark hub, there are a number of things you can get to do. You can do

  1. Learn how to code
  2. Take online certificate courses to build your CV
  3. download free software
One of the youthsaprk stars member stories for back to school

One of the youthsaprk stars member stories for back to school

There are also a number of other aspects that are in the youthspark hub that most youth don’t know about. These are Imagine cup, DigiGirlz, Youthsaprk stars and Touch Develop. All these programs are designed for a wide audience thus the bold declaration by Microsoft citizenship department saying

To empower 300 million people with the IT and ICT skills required in today’s world


Eyenamia ImagineCup 2014/2015 winners.

Eyenamia ImagineCup 2014/2015 winners.

As a global student who is engaged in innovation and would like to take part in Imagine cup. A global challenge that enables talented youths to pitch their ideas competing for the top prize of $50,000 dollars. Last years winners Team Eyenaemia won $50,000, were crowned by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, and got an in-person meeting with Microsoft Founder Bill Gates.

Touch develop is for those youths that wanted to learn how to code but didn’t know where to start, you’re in luck! Using TouchDevelop, coding is made easy and learning is completely free. This comes at a time when most students do not have the right resources to develop windows 8 based applications. The speculation of increase in windows mobile apps might create a shift in demand for the ever popular android phones in this Africa mobile market. The most important aspect of this microsoft is to have fun while learning.


Some of the programs have been proven to work for Ugandan and Kenyan students have bagged several awards and recognitions. The beauty for these individuals was that they managed to have an expense payed trip to Seattle, USA where microsoft headquarters are.


By Neville Mugambi

Dr Willy Mutunga at PAWA254 Initiative Launch

Dr Willy Mutunga in the crowd

Dr Willy Mutunga in the crowd

PAWA254, The new hub for artists located in the State house area, Launched their strategic plan in a colorful event yesterday at their famous “ROOF TOP”. Among the invited guests were Dr. Willy Mutunga, Juliani(performed) and Biyavanga Wainaina among others,. There was music and entertainment for the guests as PAWA launched their strategic plan. Boniface Mwangi, A team leader at the hub was there to welcome the guests.


The place was packed with artists from established to upcoming. When reaching the venue, you would hear music from the gate. As we entered the YMCA alliance building, the first stop we made was at the Mageuzi conference hall. The sets were arranged facing the projector. There, videos on the activities of PAWA and insights on their strategic plan played on a well structured loop.

Roof top at PAWA

Roof top at PAWA

Climbing up the stair cases as we headed to the “ROOFTOP”, Photos on the journey that PAWA has gone through over the years inspired us. Reaching the “ROOFTOP” we found a place to set in the crowd as we got entertained.


Youth Unemployement and Opportunities

Meet Enos Olik who is currently in his mid 20’s and One of Kenya’s most talented music video directors.

With a passion for music-videos and photography, he started out editing Youtube slides for artists while still in campus. He currently has over 50 music videos under his belt and most having been played in National television. Demand for directors is on the rise especially since there are very few professionals in the market who charge “affordable rates”.

As the music industry in Kenya is still struggling to catch up with the success of its next door neighbors(Uganda and Tanzania). That fact is debatable, especially with bodies like MCSK(Music Copyright Society of Kenya) and Sanaa Sacco Sanaa SACCO are in place to try help artists.

The video directing industry is still young and as an upcoming you have to double it up with other video skills. Like Enos, on his portfolio, he doubles up as:

  • Filmmaker,
  • Photographer,
  • Animator,
  • Visual Effects & CGI Artist,
  • Creative Director,
  • DP,
  • Designer Musician and
  • Songwriter,

The Government is trying to empower artists with several programs though the industry is still young. There are still countable video directors including Andrew Macharia and J. Blessing. It might some time with the low investment this art is getting.

By Neville Mugambi



digital public service delivery

humduma2Getting public services like National Id card, Business registration and Filling government returns just got easier. With the rolling out of the countrywide Huduma centers in the major 47 counties these services will be more accessible in the devolved government structure. Challenges like travelling to the Capital city(Nairobi County) from as far as Kisumu or Mombasa to get this services will now be a thing of the past. The programme is expected to solve government efficiency in providing this services thus stimulating the economy.


Huduma Kenya is a programme by the Government of Kenya which was launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta at the General Post Office which was the flagship Huduma centre. Currently the government has opened 14 centers to provide this services. A centre has integrated public and private sector services which has proven to be more effective.

The success rate of this project is yet to be fully established. But for it to be able to know the birthrates and date rates by issuing Birth and Death certificates will go along way in meeting some of the United Nations Millennium development goals and the sustainable development goals through appropriate policies from the data.


The President has also launched a separate division called the National digital registry service with Mwende Gatabaki as the Director general. This division has come up with Umoja Kenya which is a technology-enabled transformation of management of information assets to enable the Govt to:

  1. Plan
  2. Predict
  3. Prevent
  4. Mitigate

The Umoja Kenya Platform will have a comprehensive database of a Kenyan citizen’s personal details. This will reduce cases of cases of immigrants and ease boarder screening in its first phase. The project is being executed in conjunction with an Israel company and will be launched later this month. As the old economy involved roads, railways, and ports. Specialists like the Prof William Okello Odongo speculate that the new economy of Kenya involves

  • digital economy and
  • universal access

A photo of Mwende Gatabaki and link to here presentation at a public lecture at the University of Nairobi, Chiromo campus this year.



By Neville Mugambi