Some of the guys who log into my blog have wondered whats up with all these pictures of girls in my blog. FYI these are Models rocking the designs of some of the most innovative youths in UON who call themselves HOUSE OF KALAKI.

They can Design just about anything from Kitenge and Lesos and make you look good. I meet one of the designs myself (Previleged), her name is Lavender. She gave me an incite about their designs and i think Kiko Romeo should watch this space. They started with three designers thus KALAKI

I think ALL these designs range from KES 800/= onwards

About (from fb)

For those who desire the African look in unique modern designs. U.S contact houseofkalaki.us@gmail.com
or Kenya contact houseofkalaki.ke@gmail.com

Rembeka Kiafrika!

We custom design and tailor dresses and other clothing for each customer using Kitenge the African Fabric

We are based in both Kenya and the US.
US/diaspora contact:houseofkalaki.us@gmail.com
Kenya/Africa contact:houseofkalaki.ke@gmail.com

My personal best DESIGN.

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