FUTAA.COM Ksh 24M BOOST (by Mugambi)

Futaa.com, a successor of kenyanfootie.com, kicks off with near 5,000 news, features and opinion across the last 21 months of imported articles for continuity. Damn they have local african football content nowonder the $300,000 boost from donors.

Coined from futaa, a common local slung for football in Kenya, futaa.com is a new portal that intends to keep it local for Kenyan football in providing today’s and tomorrows news today, if possible.

With an intended 30 plus articles a day on the local news, leagues, Kenyan players in the region and abroad and news affecting the country Africa wide, futaa.com intends to drop it to you in the soonest time possible be it at your desk or on your mobile.

Futaa.com is Kenyas new football-website. http://futaa.com/

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