The maasai are a kenyan tribe. they are mainly herders of livestock and move from place to place in search of livestock. The men are the major decision makers of the community and women have about 50 years to go before they can start airing valid views to the leadership of the community. their clothing is majorly associated with kenyan national colors.

we as kenya do not have readily available native clothing because they are mainly designer clothing. damn expensive. we prefer the second hand imports from overseas wich cost less than 2dollars. enough about us town guys. more about the Maasai’s now.

They prefer the color Red. checked with mostly black or blue line. the men carry a sword (somali sword) and a club. their wealth is measured by the number of Cows one has. making their lifestyle one of not being vegeterians.

they only need land for grazing and setting up a temporary house to lay their head.

do the math

50 cows     =      (10,000 per cow) X (50 cows)

                     =        KSH 500,000

most maasai community move with about 50 to 2000 cows making them think their wealthy.thus often falling prey to the advanced con men of the modern world. who make them sell their flock for KSH2,000 or even KSH 300 per cow.


a visit to the maasai village in southern Kenya


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