A woman president

Women and Children are the future.

Hon. Martha karua, prof. Olive mugenda-VC Kenyatta University, Prof. Karani -Chancellor Maseno University, Esther Paris-adopt a light foundation; are some of the most prominent women in key leadership positions in Kenya. We want something new as Kenyans this coming elections. I think its time women and children were given a chance to lead this country. I just heard a speech from Andrew Kenneth the other day and I must say I was impressed. That son of Peter Kenneth can really give a give a nice speech and the fact that hes an Obama look alike is amazing. Maybe its because his father has nothing to hide or the fact that his father peter has not been involved in a major corruption scandal. Non the less I think its time we hit the nail on the head and give women and children a chance in these leadership positions. Some politician are forgetting that we voted them in last election because we wanted change and not because they  were popular For.

In the beginning there was darkness. Light came afterwards. It signifies the presence of everything. So this light is a special matter in the universe and we should learn from it that. We as humans were made perfect in our own way. Just the way I realized in my 8-4-4 studies that you cannot know everything . those who know one area well, combining their knowledge that’s when they become the light of the society.

chancellor Maseno university

Prof Florida Karani has been in senior administrative positions at the University of Nairobi’s College of Education and External Studies. She was the College Principal from 1988 to 1994 before being appointed DVC Academic Affairs up to the year 2004. and it said that she once bought a new Mercedes Benz in the early 1980’s, drove to a super market, parked the car and went for some shopping. when she came out, her car was no where to be found. It was found in Uganda a few months later serving as the means of transport for a Ugandan politician. She then said that she din’t want it back, it was so conspicuous. To me, She’s the Wangari Maathai of 8-4-4Education.

Having completed her PHD in 1979 from university of Pittsburgh. and having been a university of Nairobi lecturer from 1969 to 2004.


KU ViceChancellor

Prof Olive Mugenda has done lots of stuff for Kenyatta university. Ever since she set foot to that house she has been making changes. She had a first class honors in her undergraduate degree. she has a PHD in family matters and stuff. no wonder shes a good institutional leader. Google her name for more awesome stuff about how to be a successful woman. finally, she is one of the most assertive leaders around. That maybe the reason why she has enemies.




narc presidential aspirant

The fact that you accept being tagged as Mr. politician is your only weakness. Every successful  man needs a woman beside her. and the fact that i know a lot about her than the average Kenyan does is freaking me out.I live in Nairobi, Kenya and I came to learn that an old abandoned L.H.D car belonged to the late Martha Karua better half. And that they had two children together. A boy and girl. The husband had been working as a lecturer at the University of Nairobi until he met his death and that Martha is a very hard working woman. with over 200,000 likes on her presidency campaign fan page, She cannot be ignored.

We only hope that the children will come back to lead this country one day.




In a country where over 82% of the population is less than 35 years old. as an aspiring leader, you should ask yourself who are you representing in the (parliament, senate, city council, county) organization you belong to. the only flaw to this suggestion is the high death rate of the Kenyan population. Most Kenyan politicians have known this since early 1990’s. To them its an easy way to parliament rather than a way to change how they look at the population. they will be surprised when the wind stops blowing in their direction. Daily Kenyans are loosing their lives

  • on the roads or
  • due to health issues
  • some hunger and to the victims of circumstance
  • conflict of interest.



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