Me and Seda Elvis(computer scientist from Kenyatta University)

Me and Seda Elvis(computer scientist from Kenyatta University)

This has been an eventful year for me and my ambitions. I managed to progress to my second year in my Undergraduate studies got an E and my first B in one of my college units. I never thought i could make it this far, when Education is concerned. I have stayed with my Dad this whole year in Campus. I think i will start championing for campus students freedom of movement. we always have issues about what time i should be home. Mine is 11p.m… His is 7:59pm. Now that my bedroom has no door, I am learning to live with people. Hehehe, I am learning alot.

In January I welcomed a new member in our family, a bouncing baby boy. We now have few changes in our family last born status. His name is Gerrick Mwalishi Amuhaya. Sorry For Dancun Mukhovi Amuhaya, he’s now becomes the 6th born. This compromised us buying one of these new flat TVs I have been seeing everywhere. I know more about babies now more than ever. I even know where to buy clothes cheap in Nairobi from as low as 20 bob.

Christmas is just around the corner and from what am seeing everyone doesn’t have enough money. You can borrow from me a little.

  •   organize a Christmas party
  •  budget for food and soft drink for two days, some of these relatives come the next day
  • call about 10 guys and ask them to come with a gift
  • tell all the coming guests who will be at the party
  • buy a Franco, Lin-gala or Rn B music collection in Moi Avenue
  • party to be over by 7:30 pm
  • move the grown ups party to different venue.

For those who dont want noise on christmas. Watch a movie or better still a series e.g THE FIRM, ARROW, BATMAN DARK NIGHT RISES, JOHN CARTER AND THOR. For me this year, I found the Movie Thor very hair raising. It touched my Movie spot.

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