Ambassadors of peace at AIESEC KENYA


aiesec Kenya

AIESEC has been in operation in Kenya ever since the 1970’s. Right around the time when The French school at Alliance franchise was beginning its operations. AIESEC is a global youth organisation that offers a great opportunity to interact culturally and professional from its wide network. The organisation’s main objective is

  1. to offer leadership training and
  2. global internships

this is all it’s all about.

AIESEC KENYA is located at the UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI main campus at the entrance of Ghandhi Wing. This is the head office of the international organisation here in KENYA. There also exists Local Chapters (LC) that are located in some major Universities in Kenya. These include

  1. UON
  2. KU
  4. USIU e.t.c

By joining their teams and being registered as an AIESEC MEMBER you will get a feel of the experience. At UON (LC), you will have to wait until THURSDAY 4:30PM to attend their weekly meeting which are open to everyone. Everyone, as in even those who have not yet joined university colleges. Come experince AIESEC.

visit for more info about the organisation.


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