1997 election campaigns in GATUNDU SOUTH

1997 election campaigns in GATUNDU SOUTH

THE PRESIDENTIAL elect Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta started main stream politics in 1997. As you can see in the above photo posted by the First lady MRS. MARGARET KENYATTA. He was then vying for the Gatundu South parliamentary seat in Central province. He lost the seat to a MOSES MUHIA. He was later nominated by the then President, Hon. Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi to parliament in 2001. His appointment saw him become the Minister of local government in the KANU GOVT.

Still, 16 years is a long time for some one to wait to achieve something. Or is it. Lets go back in time and test his patience as an Elite Kenyan. Having married Margaret in 1991. She must have known him before he even thought of vying for the parliamentary seat and stayed by his side all through till even today. In 1992 he was among the youth who were championing for multi-party politics. This period saw him being put on the limelight as he even went to Harambee House to seek an audience with Moi on the matter. He even went on and campaigned for Kenneth Matiba in the 1992 Multi-party Elections.

Knowing Uhuru’s Resume never shows you the kind of persona he is in real life. To me, he comes across as a “down to earth” person. Comparing my upbringing with his is out of question. I am going to try though.

I went to Kaimosi Friends Primary(the first public primary school est. 1920’s) from 1999 to 2003 where i got my KCPE. Later went to another Friends Missionary school, F.S.K ( FRIENDS SCHOOL KAMUSINGA). In my form 3 i got expelled for disciplinary issues and went to small provincial school in western Kenya. Finished now am in University pursuing higher education. All I seem to think about is Cars e.g Mercs, Larmbos, Range Rovers.

The reason why PRESIDENT Uhuru is a down to earth IS THIS. He went to Saint Mary’s School in westlands, Nairobi. He actually studied there all his life and still manages to pass of as a common “mwanainchi”. After High school he Went to the USA for further studies in POLITICAL SCIENCE AND ECONOMICS. That maybe the reason why he decided to push for government officials to acquire less than 2000cc vehicles for official use. These meant no Mercs, Range Rovers e.t.c. Some area still require vehicles that are more than 2000cc because of no proper access routes/ roads. He must have paid attention in class. Just to keep you more interested in this down to earth business. Mr. kenyattas favourite musicians in his hey days were.

  2. UB40 and

He is also a techie. He appriciates the efforts by the youth in the telecommunications sector. This is maybe one of the reasons as to why he came up with a campaign team that made his Web presence a reality during the 2012/2013 general elections. I must say that he even put some work into it by going for photoshoots and video sessions to make it appeal the online community. You can sample his website by clicking the following links

http://uhuru.co.ke/ …for his website

+Uhuru Kenyatta …for his google plus account.

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