Economics DATA of the EAST

THE KENYAN GOVERNMENT IN CONJUCTION WITH THE WORLD BANK and other patners,have come up with a portal that will help researchers and concerned citizens of East africa to get FREE access to data. Stake holders of the massive GOK project include iHub RESEARCH, ICT Board, iLab Africa and 88mph. iHub and 88mph are innovation and incubation hubs that are both located on NGONG RD Nairobi.

The good thing about this open data is the fact that it is already useful information just like the Kenyan constitution. The Open Data has been categorized into “topics and categories” to make the users easily get whatever it is that they desire. The topics are as follows


For example, for a user who would like to know the population statistics of Kenya. they would simply go to the population topic. The topic lists all the population statistics for the Nation and the newly developed Counties. Then you are good to go. A user is also able to filter the data to get more useful information for the specific data set.

The team behind this innitiative include:

  1. Jay Bhalla
  2. Muchiri Nyaggha
  3. Simeon Oriko
  4. Jude Mwenda
  5. Madi Yahya
open data

open data

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