The East African countries have a lot of political issues to deal with and on the top of the list is Poverty. There are only 2 countries in the East Africa Community that enjoy the income generated from COASTAL TOURISM. These are Kenya and Tanzania. Somalia has a coastline but piracy and political unrest in the country in the
past years has made it impossible for them to attract tourists. The most performing economy is this of Kenya. It is largely contributed to the businesses operating
in the country. The NSE (Nairobi stock Exchange) is where all the limited companies want to be listed due to the large number of investors it has in its circles.
Also in business, there are more than 100 multinationals operating in the EAC. these include

  1. Cocacola and Pepsi
  2. KFC
  3. BP and SHELL
  5. L’OREAL
  7. CUDBURY etc

The moment people start to see everything in terms of bad politics. They will be affecting the livelyhoods of many East Africans. We have embraced these brands in our community. This does not mean that we as the EAC are not doing our own developements. We are growing in terms of business, art, Music, Fashion. These are just but a few industries that we are trying to incubate. Many people overseas are beginning to embrace this innitiatives on a commercial scale. Maybe Campmulla might be the heros to show the world that we are living just fine and also have fun just like them.

The presidents should not be their only concern because politics is something that cannot be easily rated due to the diversity of Cultures.  I here that in London they called the late Iron lady names like really bad ones.
But that is their opinion, so is it bad if we elected a president who has a case in court?

We voted Uhuru Kenyatta because he has the qualities that we deemed fit. Africa is still young. Most countries got Independence in the 1960’s. Recently the Repulic of South Sudan was created and they are determined to make their country’s economy to grow in the future. That can be achieved if we work together as the EAC and implement the EAC Monetary Policy which will see us have the opportunity to use one currency to transact business.

By Mugambi Neville

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