Bottom of the Pyramid Should have FUN

Globally, there are 2.5 billion people who live on less than $2.50 a day (Kshs208.2). Mobile devices among these users (bottom of the pyramid ) offers potential for economic empowerment. There is a need to first understand the potential usage of the phones among this category of users


Some of the key objectives for this study include:

  • To increase understanding of the actual usage of mobile services, products, and applications at the Base of the Pyramid and to understand their potential for economic (and social) empowerment;

  • To identify scalable examples of services, products, and applications at the concept, prototype, or early product development stages;

  • To develop tools and instruments to map viable operation models and logics of various segments of BOP markets and to identify user needs;

  • To formulate recommendations for business planning and policy development that can support this potential.

This is the market that new tech savvy youths should try to target. The market is realistic to their day to day lives in this region that is developing economically. The iHub Research dept. is working on this data for a world bank project in Kenya. The fact that this people can only access KES 200 daily gets you thinking about cost friendlier solutions for them. Developing an Android App and iOS application may end up being a flop.

Furthermore, this population might sport Nokia 3310‘s but that doesn’t mean that they don’t know about Apple products. They might be the owners of Pentium 4 desktop computers but they are proud of them. They also would want applications that are trendy and FUN. It should not be all about business and Finance Like the sensetional M-Pesa (mobile money transfer application), It can be KADE:ule mtoi mrui (Kade: that rude kid).

The moment these brother developers can get funding to put their Super Mario like, chicken Hunting Game in Business this might be the channel to get through to this Market. You never know. You can check their site to play the game. by googling URBAN DESIGN KINGS.




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