The African Revolution

The African Revolution

The Egyptian Revolution that took place in June was a phenomenon that shocked the world. minutes after the millions of Egyptians took to the streets, the whole world thought it was a coup. A coup engineered by the egyptian Army against Morsi, the then Democratic elected president.

After listening to Nagham El Houssamy (open A.I.R EGYPT HUB) at the Strathmore #KnowUrIP conference, it became clear to me that the Egyptians themselves were just tired of the kind of leadership that they were getting from President Morsi. The revolution was as a result of poor leadership from Dr. MOhamed Morsi Isa Ayat.

“there were more than 30 million Egyptians from all over egypt present on the day at Cairo to hold a peaceful demonstartion against Morsi.”

The Millitary had to later announce that the President was no more. The numbers led to that decision.

Closer to home, at the UON graduation square. there was commotion when A gang terrorised STR8T Up Live crew who were about to go live with their interactive music show. The KTN and STR8T Up LIve crew were muscled out of the UON premise for apparently not paying the Gang 100,000/= to use the UON graduation square. The crazy part is, when the Str8t Up live crew come to your hood, everyone would want to pay to appear on the show because of this music Savvy audience. The show has hosted a long list of celebrities including Jayceon Terrell Taylor popular as The Game. It is sad to admit that this event took place in Kenya’s elite University.

SONU has to do something about this. Or they will soon start hearing the popular M-Pigs and Vultures chants to remove them from their comfy lifestyles.


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