President Robert Mugabe, 89 casting vote in Harare

President Robert Mugabe, 89 casting vote in Harare

Zimbabwe is voting again today, with 5 presidential candidates vying for the seat. These candidates include the current Zimbabwe president

  1. Robert Mugabe, 89 (Uncle Bob)
  2. Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, 61 (Long time nemesis of dearest Uncle Bob)
  3. Welshman Ncube
  4. Dumiso Dabengwa
  5. Kisinoti Munodei Mukwazhe (withdrew from the race 🙂 … )

The voting is today July 31 2013, starting from 7am to late in the evening today. The  voting maybe extended till tomorrow if the 6.4 million registered voters are not through voting.

Not much to say about the elections other than the MDC (political party of Tsvangirai) saying there are 1 million ghost voters in the race. The current president is expected to win by a landslide. The constant accusations by Tsvangirai are nto building his political career in any way. The rest of the candidates are in the race to bring competition, I assume.

With Mugabe’s ZANU PF 2.2 million JOB CREATION black empowerment plan, and his battle with cancer. He might just land the job an up-tenth time.


By Neville Mugambi

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