Youth unemployment is not improving any time soon. The problem is not a lack of jobs; the problem is a lack of employable skills. Most cooperates advertise for posts, most youths rush in with their bachelors and masters degrees plus the regular certificates that we youth are often told are usually an added advantage and pump up the c.v, but in the end no one gets hired because none of the applicants hold the specific skills required to fill the post.

Now here is where most youth will give the partly valid excuse that their lack of skills is not their fault. I do agree with that governments should improve the schools’ curriculum to be more practical based i.e. instead of teaching children how a radio works have children build a radio, by using e-waste (which lies idle in schools taking up valuable space). For a pupil in std. 6 this opens up their brain to be able to think differently and more innovatively and if this spirit is encouraged throughout the pupils study life by the time they reach form 4 they would be able to build their own computer from e-waste.

But sadly that’s just another commonsense possible fairy-tale. Our education system wants us to sit, listen, copy and paste what the teacher on the board is doing – building clones… killing innovation year on year. There’s nothing left for youth to do but to get smart; here’s one way:

A course is targeting any graduate from any institution with at least a Bachelors degree in any field.

The second requirement is that you need to have the heart for Social Entrepreneurship – this essentially looks at ventures that focus on the 3P’s of a business (Profit, People and Planet)

The Course is offered in Two parts (Post graduate diploma and Masters concentration)

1. Post Graduate Diploma

  • Has 5 units, one of which is the Venture Creation Practicum in Business Incubation. This course allows you as the student to start a venture that is expected to be up and running by the time you are through with the class. That is what makes the course very unique and very different from all other courses being offered.
  • The deadline for submitting your application is August 29th 2013
  • The Course Duration is two Semesters
  • The classes are offered at USIU. They are offered twice a week in the evening (Monday and Wednesday only)
  • The course costs 3000 US Dollars if you were to study without any grant/scholarship.

There is grant money that is available and any student can apply for the scholarship but it will be given on the basis of need and merit. My personal opinion is that every student who applies should be able to get some grant that would either pay half the amount, two thirds of the amount or the entire amount- Basing on need and merit.

(Kindly note that this cost is for students enrolling in Kenya- USIU only. Those who would want to travel to Colorado and study from there will pay at least 25,000 US Dollars for the same 5 units) However the certificate is still conferred by Colorado State University

2. Masters Concentration

  • If you pick this option, then you will get an MBA with a concentration on social entrepreneurship. This requires a total of 13 Units. 5 of these units are exactly the same to what the Post Graduate Diploma students will be doing. Then you will add an additional 8 units to get you MBA.
  • The duration for this is one and a half years. The classes are offered at USIU and the Certificate is conferred by USIU.
  • It is important to note that the USIU deadlines for application are already passed so the option would be you first enroll for the Post graduate course, you finish the 5 units then enroll for masters and do the remaining 8 units. This option would leave you with two certificates (Post graduate diploma from Colorado State University and MBA from USIU)
  • The cost for the 5 Units is still the same as that for the Post Graduate Diploma and the students can still apply for the grants/Scholarship. The additional 8 Units have NO GRANT and so the student will need to pay for themselves. Colorado State University are in the last negotiations with USIU and after the MOU has been signed then I will be able to confirm the additional cost for the 8 Units that remain.

Application Process

I know that some of us had already filled the form and submitted. Kindly note that there was a problem and all the forms came in as blank forms. I request that you print the form (See attached) fill it in, then scan and send it back to me or just hand deliver to USIU- Chandaria Business School.

Along with the form we would need a copy of your ID or passport if you are not Kenyan, a copy of your updated CV and a passport size photograph.

This information important in order for us to create student profiles

The deadline for submitting your application is August 29th 2013 and application is free.

Kindly also check the URL below for further information on the program.

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