Same Script, Different Cast


(Photo by: Godong/UIG via Getty Images)

Khat becoming a major concern in the world…

Whats New Africa? Before it was geopolitical oppression now its economic, it still remains true is that the African mind has been thoroughly tamed!!!

They oppressing our farmers putting all sorts of restrictions on our fruits and vegetable exports, then they ban Miraa imports. Oh let me not forget the new re-fund-able 400,000 ksh fee you put in as security when travelling to Britain to ensure you do not exceed the time you claim you’ll be there. Are all these coincidental or are these the “consequences” to be faced for having voted in our President?

But the average Kenyan is not worried about that, more especially the Nairobi youth who is so “exposed”, having all forms of access to information and technology yet doing NOTHING with it. Do the youth even know whats going on, are they aware? Or are they just more worried bout how many people be following them on twitter or how many freaking friends they got on Facebook. We have tools in our hands to learn from, to be innovators, to be used to cultivate greater thinkers of better, relative inventions more than meager thoughts about who you slept with last night!

When is a smartphone smart? When the user using it knows how to use it ? We so worried about looking cool we run out to get the latest, most expensive gadget that some multinational corporate* has just released, we don’t know that we are actually the FOOLS. Why don’t we ban imports of goods from these countries as well and manufacturer our own? Why not more Ubuntu and less Microsoft?

All we do is try and play catch up with the West and now the Far East, why cant we realise we are enough? Our Languages are enough, our attires are just fine, our former education systems were alright and we are worthy to be called human beings just as they.

The years have come and gone, the songs have been sung and put on record, stories have been told and re-told till their flavours have become a bore.

Still the opression remains, now more than ever. How does a US ambassodor and his team run into a freaking matatu, kill a father of three (whose wife is six months pregnant) and injure others – get away with such a crime.

Where is the press coverage on this story?

Where are the mass protests infront of the US embassy? Oh yeah thats right the youth are too busy, searching for jobs, with a c.v in one hand and an android phone in the other talking about last nights party! 

*For danda heads that means companies like Apple and Microsoft

By Kenyan at se7en STAFF Kimathi Karimi

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