Kenya is bigger than JKIA, its time other airports (consequently other counties) get the exposure that JKIA receives. We cant have one airport having all the best business deals, what do I mean? They deal with cargo and also tourists, thus when problems arise the country loses touch with the outside world, businesses go down and tourists get a bad impression.

Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) is the owner and operator of nine civilian airports and airstrips in Kenya, just to name a few:

  1. Moi International Airport – Mombasa
  2. Eldoret International Airport – Eldoret
  3. Kisumu International Airport – Kisumu

its time the outside world and even Kenyans knew that.

All this promotion of JKIA alone sucks!!! Focus needs to go to the other international aiports, this can be a great niche for us. If two Swedish citizens meet in Sweden and somehow begin to have a conversation about there travelling experiences in Kenya one will say they landed in Kisumu the other Eldoret and both airports were efficient and state of the art in their own Kenyan way.

The focus on making JKIA a state of the art airport while neglecting others all in the name of glamour and what not does not make sense.

Create more jobs for other people in other counties too by improving their airports, thats why we have shanty towns (“bad image”) like Kyang’ombe starting up. Where do you think the cleaners, labourers, shop attendants and the like live (and will live) when JKIA keeps expanding?

Lets be practical, I understand we want a Heathrow airport of our own, I understand specialisation is key and the bigger is better type of thinking, but we can specialize in selling Kenya to the outside world and also its inhabitants through other more creative and never thought of ways.

Kenya has a population of 40 million. We have over 42 tribes with diverse cultures. The Maasai Mara isn’t in Nairobi where JKIA is… Its located along The Great Rift Valley that passes through Kenya to Mozambique. ways.

By Kimathi Karimi (KENYAN AT SE7EN).

One thought on “JKIA ON FIRE… SO WHAT?

  1. ruwa says:

    u deserve a drink Karimi…ol the other major towns r like stalling while the govt is shifting ol his energy in making Nairobi a world class city..forgeting we hav other cities which are frequented by dignitaries n tourists..they start focusing on other major towns.

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