We normally complain saying “I pay taxes, its my right”. Taxes can be looked at as the citizens way of contributing back to the country as a whole not just the government. The governments of the world have played the tax game so wrong, making the tax word sound so intimidating and complicated.


Kenyans work hard, they have learnt to adapt to whatever situations they find themselves in which at times is very sad. Yes there are a few rotten tomatoes who steal, cheat and seem to be running the financial scene, but the ordinary Kenyan is the real backbone of our country’s economy. If we ordinary Kenyans decided not to go to work just laze; the matatus we’ll crash, the supermarkets we’ll come tumbling down, the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) will have no money coming in cause businesses would be down and no one would be earning any income to tax from 🙂 , banks we’ll have no money coming in but rather people demanding money from the banks (which by the way would not be available…).


But that cannot happen, because people have needs and Kenyans love to work and they work hard regardless of the situations surrounding them. Taxes we pay are meant to make our-lives just a little bit more easier for us to go about doing our work. Here’s a brief look at the Kenyan situation:


  • Roads and transport: the matatus (mini-bus) we board daily are in deplorable states. A matatu bought today will have to be disposed off after only 2 years, because of the bad roads, poor traffic laws and a lack of enforcement. An good example could be that of Thika Super High-way where drivers had not been trained on how to navigate on it. The cracks on other roads have to be questioned. How about our train tracks what happened to them? How about our sidewalks… that do not even exist! Pedestrians share the road with cars, its a game of cats, dogs, rats and mice all trying to get a head.
  • Education: the schools our young minds are being sent to often complain of lack of resources e.g. forget even laboratory equipment just basic things like text books, desks, chairs, building structures are held together on simple flimsy threads. Free laptops might be the light at the end of the tunnel for our primary education, by the way it is not the Jubilee coalition but your taxes that will bring this initiative to light.
  • Environment: our streets are dirty, littered with waste and when it rains the situation worsens. The Nairobi river was once an eye sore. Your taxes and Hon John Michuki initiatives cleaned it up making it close to pleasant to look at, there still is a long way to go companies are getting off with secretly dumping harmful chemicals into the rivers.
  • Utilities: your taxes are there to ensure that you have a constant supply of water and power. The fomer president Mwai Kibaki manged to privatise water supply in Nairobi. This saw to new digital more effective processes taking over the old analogue meters and paper filing systems which were vulnerable to corruption.
  • And many more: from culture, media and sports to law and oder, operation Linda Inchi (Kenya Military activities), real eastate (example Nyayo and new Ngara estates) all these are initiatives by the government thanks to your taxes 🙂 .


Most East African contries pay 16% value added tax to their governments, Kenyans pay the highest value added tax in the region which is at 18%. KRA tax collection target for 2013/14 is Ksh 920 billion. The Jubilee govt. 2013/14 annual budget is at Ksh 1.6 trillion. 90% of the Budget will is funded by KRA and the remainder will come from JUBILEE COALITION and DONORS.

1600920 = 680 Billion

The jubilee coalition is to source for over 1/2 a Trillion to fund the budget. All we have FOR YOU is good luck to you the tax payer.





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