MICROSOFT corporation is on the process of acquiring NOKIA mobile phone manufacturing business. The acquisition price is set at 5,400 million EUROS, roughly 540,000 million Kenya SHILLINGS. Nokia’s  core business is making mobile phones over the years but is about to change after this new acquisition. Maybe they got to point where they could not keep up with the demand for new mobile phone designs and specs.

This new acquisition has come as a relief to this Finnish (from Finland) company. NOKIA was worth 200 billion dollars in its HEY! days (in the late 1990’s),  then fell to around 50 billion Dollars now acquired at around 8 billion dollars. This simply means that the share price of Nokia mobile device business has been seriously falling over a long period of time. The money they were paid off by MICROSOFT was in FACT, the “best deal”.

NOKIA will now be left with Nokia Solutions and Network (NSN) A broadband and networking company as the main business after letting go of the handset business.

A giant like Nokia loosing its handset business is an indicator that MAYBE Apple and Samsung should try cast a wider range of products in the market instead of concentrating on the mobile phones business. Nokia was a game changer in their feature phone business. They lost it when the SMARTPHONES transition came and they couldn’t decide whether to follow or remain relevant with their wide customer base. Lets wait and see but for now its… BYE BYE NOKIA LUMIA…




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