Off to shebesh and #slapthemlikekidero and other issues

President Good Luck Jonathan on official State Visit.

President Good Luck Jonathan on official State Visit.

We all heard what happened to SHEBESH. The Womens representative in Nairobi County being slapped by Her Boss. This is an immoral act. But thats the work of the JUDICIARY to worry about. If we do their Job by judging KIDERO and SHEBESH… what Job is left for the Judiciary. When will Kenyans deal with real important issues?


How come when a governor slaps a whole women’s rep, everyone goes on-line talking about that. In the very same city an important African President (GOODLUCK JONATHAN) was in a Meeting with THE HEAD OF STATE at state house. Don’t forget the fact that Nigeria is a power house and about to become Africa’s largest economy. The meeting could easily make the prices of certain essential commodities be fairer. much-less be concerned with what is being discussed on twitter like #slapthemlikekidero.


Why do our leaders think it so necessary to feed us with trash that gets our minds preoccupied with useless irrelevant matters that gets us talking for sometime. Then we go back to our miserable lives when the DRAMA ends.


Still if it were me, I wouldn’t let the slap go just like that. My honor would have been compromised. Self defense and Anger management should be free course for both Men and Women.


Here is your main concern right now. The VAT bill was implemented and essential commodities prices went up.


  • Milk           65
  • Bread        60
  • Ugali          130 per 2kg pack

By Kenyan at se7en STAFF

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