Turkana, Kenya.

Turkana, Kenya.

Marsabit County located in the Northern parts of Kenya has pulled a first one to the Kenyans this month. They had made demands to the Multinationals and investors that were aspiring to set up shop in the County. The county Council had come up with laws that would enable them benefit from the Limited Companies and Corporations that would want to open their doors in Marsabit. Marsabit county boarders Turkana County to the Right. Turkana County residents however did not have to use the same path, they picked up their local leaders and headed straight for Tullow Oil Company ( The only contracted oil exploration company in Kenya) and demanded a fair deal to their locals.


County Governments are responsible for: county legislation outlined in article 185 of the Constitution of Kenya, executive functions outlined in article 183, functions outlined in the fourth schedule of the constitution of Kenya, functions transferred from the national government through article 187 of the constitution of Kenya, functions agreed upon with other counties under article 189 (2) of the Constitution of Kenya, and establishment and staffing of a public service under article 235 of the Constitution of Kenya. Some of the demands were that the Turkana County Government made were that the firms to try  and consider the local Labor Force thus improving the lifestyle of the County.


Comparing the 2 County Governments that closely boarder each other. This new structure of county govt is still to be understood by every Kenyan But still we have to admit that changing from 8 provinces to 47 counties was ambitious. The Kenyan govt needs to maybe start showing the Senate Proceedings to the public more. There was some talk of having a TV stations for Govt proceedings only. Back to Marsabit County, I would read from Governor Ukur Yatani’s Book any day. By preparing ourselves prior, we would actually grow our economy more from the Grass roots.


BY Neville Mugambi

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