I was going about my business the other day, when i met this glowing Engineer at the Fabrication Lab. He was working on an automated virtual online point of sale software for use in stores and supermarkets. He has been working on the system himself from scratch.

downloadHis name is Eng J.M Muchiri.  He was a student at the University of Nairobi’s Mechanical Engineering department. The system is currently finished working will go for 50,000 Shillings onwards. He calls it the THE SELLER EXPRESS SYSTEM. You can have a free demo by looking for the right POS/SES software that you might want to experience.  http://www.eacenteri.blogspot.com/

After chatting with him, i got to test the DEMO myself as a business student. It was interesting i must say. I have never seen a software that is as detailed as this. It shocked me with the amount of time he must have used to study all the Accounting functionalism, Financial reporting and well, Accounts.




  1. sales management
  2. purchase management
  3. stock management
  4. customer record management
  5. suppliers record management
  6. staffs and their payroll management
  7. Financial reporting
  8. advanced financial reporting
  9. sending of finacial reports via email
  10. automated account backups e.t.c

The application also offers connectivity to multiple databases with MySQL being default. The product is built in Java to support many OS. sms or mobile embedded technology. Its available on Stand-alone or online version. Good luck to you Muchiri and the East Africa Center Institute.

By Mugambi Mwalishi

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