university of nairobi

university of nairobi

THE university of Nairobi is to have its 50th graduation on December 6th 2013. This is the 50th graduation since it was upgraded into a university in the late 1950’s. The graduation ceremony is to be graced by the presence of the Head of State, Hon Uhuru Kenyatta. Other guests of honours at the graduation square will be Dr. Idle Omar Farah(chairman of council), Prof George Magoha(Vice Chancellor),(deputy vice-chancellors) Prof Mutoro, Prof Mbithi, Prof Isaac Mbeche, Prof Lucy Irungu.
The summary of the graduation attendees will be:
1. Bachelors Degree Awards 5460
2. Diploma Awards 693
3. Masters 2558
4. Post Gradute Diplomas 81
5. Doctor of philosophy 60
6. Doctor of science 1
TOTAL 8,853

At the graduation, there will be a chancellors procession fanfare to include the college principle, vice chancellor, Dvc chancellor, mace bearer, cabinet secretary, chairman of the council.
The summary of the grandaunts by colleges
1. College of agriculture and vet sciences 59
2. College of architecture and engineering 91
3. College of biological and physical science 151
4. College of education and external studies 1367
5. College of health science 768
6. College of humanities and social sciences 6411

By Mugambi Mwalishi Neville

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