DR MUKHISA KITUI From A Lost Election To UNCTAD Secretary General

Sec gen UNCTAD

Sec gen UNCTAD

Dr Mukhisa kitui is not a alien to East Africans. He has been in the political scene for years since the 1990’s. He hails from a small market in Bungoma county called KIMILILI TOWNSHIP. Due to his experience in economic matters he is now the Secretary General of United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.

I first met Dr Mukhisa Kitui in 2004 while I was still in High school at Bungoma county. He was making a courtesy call with the then Vice prisent, Hon. Moody Awori. They were visiting our school due to the schools exemplary performance in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education. They were donating 2 desktop computers if I can remember correctly. I couldn’t take my eyes of Dr. Mukhisa Kitui’s BMW X5 which was parked outside my class. This was the firsty and the last I was to meet the man. I was in form 1Y at Kamusinga high school at the time.

Sec gen UNCTAD

Sec gen UNCTAD

The politics of 2007 went badly for Hon. Mukhisa as he faced stiff competition from his home town rivals. He lost the opportunity to represent the Kimilili constituency. Loosing the elections, the Luhya native did not sit and plan to win the next general election which ended last year (2013). He served as a top official in the Kenya govt departments. In 2012 he announced that he would be going back to politics to contest for the Bungoma County top positions but luck was still not on his side.

During the heat of the 2012/2013 election campaign period. Dr. Mukhisa Kitui was keeping himself busy also writing articles in the Daily Nations Weekend Newspapers. He would express his thought on a variety of issues that face Kenya on a daily weekly basis. He was an opinionated fellow who was as radical as most Western Kenya former politicians.

In August 2013, Dr. Mukhisa Kitui would write his final piece in the Daily nation newspaper for his audience to inform them of his new posting. This piece was followed with another showing pictures from the farewell party that the media house set up for him at Muthaiga Golf Club.

We wish Dr. Mukhisa Kitui all the best in his New job.

Neville Mugambi,

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