Lupita Nyong’o::


Lupita Nyong’o, daughter of Kenya’s former Minister for Medical Services, Hon. Anyang Nyong’o. Just take a close look again and you’ll see some resemblance (minus Nyongo’s rick ross look a like beard :D). With regard to her acting profession, I’ve got reason to be proud of this young woman and what she has done with her life so far. I’ll just list a few and I hope we will be on the same page.

So Lupita apparently  was born in Mexico, raised in Kenya and got educated in the united States.  Lupita’s Dad Anyang Nyong’o must be an adventurous man, having traveled the world himself in search for golden opportunities. Its no surprise the same pattern reflects in his daughter’s genes. Prof. Nyong’o completed his undergraduate studies at Uganda’s Makerere Univeristy attaining a 1st class honors degree in Political Science…then later proceeded for his graduate and postgraduate studies at the University of…

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