Hello people BAKE just announced that they will be accepting submissions for the best Blogs in Kenya for the 17 categories they have come up with. Hope that you guys will be able to submit KENYAN AT SE7EN.

Talking about 7… The Kenya 7s Rugby team will be at Las Vegas USA today Battling it out with other countries for the top place in the 7s rugby circuit. Humprey Khayange, Biko Adema and the Golden Boy Collins Injera all expected to be at the event. Woe unto USA if we are in the same pool (something they wouldnt do chuckle*).

las vegas
las vegas

The Las Vegas Circiut started yesterday on Friday i.e East African time. Looking at a few stats from the IRB website Levin Asego leads the Kenyan team with the most all time player points with 943 tries. But i think I saw Asego this morning training for a match with his Mwamba team mates. Collins injera leads the Kenyan team with the all time player TRIES scoring 165 TRIES. Injera has 9 tries this season showing how the team has undergone some serious teamwork makeover.





KENYA VS SOUTH AFRICA Nail bitting match that on (POOL A)

pool A    kenya, southafrica, canada and wales
pool B    Newzeland, fiji, scotland, Australia
pool C    Samoa, England, portugal, Uruguay
pool D    France, Agentina and others

By Neville Mugambi

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