The samaritan is an aspiring Comedy Television series about an NGO that does nothing. It is a very interesting TV series from the sneak preview of the trailers of episode1,2 and last years holiday commercial. The comedy series is shot exclusively on Kenyan soil by Kenyans including the lovely Sarah Hassan. The cast features a variety of multiracial nationals that work in the same office swindling their head office money.

The Television series is a product of xeinium Productions. It seems that once again the mainstream media are not able to air the local television series because of their usual reasons. The Samaritans team have gone against the odds to start by airing the show on their website, that serves as both the NGO does nothing and receives funding. If you would like to see full episodes of the new Kenyan television series you can visit .

For those that are interested in the free-mium part of the amazing podcast. you can follow them on facebook twitter, youtube and vimeo by clicking the links on the top left of the website.


By neville Mugambi.

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