ArtCaffe Coffee & Bakery, Buys out Dormans Coffee Shop Chain



ArtCaffe coffee and Bakery started its business in Kenya’s uptown market a while back. They opened their first coffee shop at the now destroyed Westgate Shopping mall. Their main value proposition as a business is the quality of service. They also have one of the most diverse coffee menus in Kenya at the moment and boost a bakery among their assets. Check their website here .


Looking at Artcaffe today. They now have around 16 coffee shops in total after buying the 10 Dormans coffee shops previously owned by Dormans coffee limited. It is said that Artcaffe will be the second largest chain of high end coffee shops in the market. It closely follows Java coffee house chain of stores.

Java House has 17 branches and 15 operating within the capital city. for more on them go to . Back to Artcaffe. The Cafe is managed by Local employees but the Artcaffe concept was founded by an Israel national. As you can see from their website, their recipes are mainly from the international or exotic foods from around the world. I  have witnessed them create employment to many Kenyan youth. Some have even left working there and opened their own business in the catering business.

From there business model. It is evident that there target client is the upper-middle class. There business channels include the coffee shops, bakery, sushi and bar. Their main business activity is sales. They specialize in coffee. having coffee barristers who make the coffee as per order. They have also invested in the Japanese sushi (raw or slightly cooked fish) which they serve with sake (Japanese for alcohol).

What an interesting merger. Expect the people to switch from the common from “Naende Java” to “Naende Artcaffe”.

By Mugambi Neville

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