Ever wondered how magazines, posters(the really huge ones), newspapers and business cards are made on a commercial level. Well today is your luck. The 2nd international Print pack exposition has just kicked of at the KICC grounds. Damages are at 500 shillings and the season tickets go for 1000 shillings. The expo will run till the 28 of February 2014.



I attended last years expo and I must say that it was and experience for me. I saw machines that I had never imagined they existed. These machines are exported from all over the world, from countries like Germany, India, United Kingdom, Kenya and USA.

The brands displayed at this second international expo include Kodak, hp, mfi, Canon, xerox, hohner, AGFA e.t.c. The brands will be having live demos on how to do about everything with these machines including how to print on T-shirts, plastics, wood, paper and metal.

Last year. I saw a Kenyan company that had some exciting assorted branded merchandise  ideas for SMEs. They would be able to put a logo on just about everything at very affordable prices in the market. Hope to see guys there. For more on this event. go to

By Mugambi Neville.

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