sifa safi youth
sifa safi youth

Youths from Nairobi city, Are taking their city by storm. They scout for their friends and encourage them to give back to their city by volunteering to clean their markets. Inspired by the cleanliness of the village markets, the youths through sifa safi are trying to make all the markets in Nairobi town to be the “Cleanest in the World”.

city market
city market

Led by Mugo namusonge co-Founder of JiBONDE FRESH startup incubated at FabLab University of Nairobi, and Caleb Wafula, a lawyer. they are planning on taking the city by storm through their cleaning activities. They plan to officially launch the event on 5th may 2014 at one of the major city markets.

On Sunday 9th of March, they cleaned one of Nairobi’s biggest farmers markets, the WAKULIMA market. The cleanup started from 10ooHrs to 13ooHrs. they tools of trade icluded brooms, jembes, rakes, spades, gas mask, gloves, a garbage truck and  a bulldozer all courtesy of the City council of Nairobi.




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