Kenya’s key strengths include the following:

  1. An estimated GDP of $30billion (KES 2.55trillion). The main economic sectors include Agriculture, Manufacturing and services.
  2. Excellent connectivity to major worldwide destinations. Nairobi, the capital city is the undisputed transportation(land and air) hub for East and Central Africa. Mombasa, is the most important deep-water port in the region, supplying shipping needs for more than 12 countries.
  3. Kenya has achieved almost universal free primary education with 92% primary school enrollment and 70% secondary school enrollment. There are presently over 200,000 students in public universities only
  4. A leading tourist, wildlife and safari destinations.
  5. A fully liberalized economy without price or exchange controls. No restriction for foreign or domestic borrowing.
  6. The most developed stock market in East and Central Africa. Nairobi stock exchange NSE.
  7. Membership in the EAC and COMESA.
  8. Potential for exploration and exploitation of minerals e.g Oil, Gold, Titanium etc.
  9. Vast potential in Geothermal and Hydroelectricity energy. The electric current in Kenya is 240 volts, 50 Hertz.

For more information on Kenya’s vision 2030, started way back in 2008 follow

The success of dozens of projects carried out by The coalition govt of 2008-2012 helped really grow the economy and diversify it. many countries have their own Vision 2030’s including Jamaica

Written By Karimi Kimathi

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