The event will be happening on the 26th of April from 2-8pm. It will be the first Art exhibition to be organised at PAWA254 hub. It is organised by a group of college students going by the name Upart Together. The event will feature runway shows from Sassy designs with their lovely models, Photo displays from #getframed, Music and entertainment from Upart Together and other artists.


The main sponsors of the event will be #getframed. The get framed opened a new gateway to photographic journalism. Started on March the 31st 2013, an artistic form of photography was introduced to the fore in the Mr n Ms University of Nairobi auditions. A group of three, armed with a frame and a camera, we were able to change the hype built around the whole event and capture it through a frame. The get framed concept was then born. Following the success of the Upart crew, they decided to go crazy with the idea taking it to every event we went to. They managed to frame popular celebrities and politicians including President Uhuru Kenyatta, Vice President William Ruto, former activist now photographer Boniface Mwangi,Pastor Rachel Omunzi and others.



PAWA254 hub is located in the serene environments along state house cresent road. It is a n innovation hub for artist, photographers, graffiti artist… you get the point. It offers this individuals mentor ship and enables them to get inspired through their large network of artist. Artsits are able to become members of the hub and get working space at affordable rates. some of the member include musician Juliani and Hart the Band, graffiti artist BANKSLAVE, poet Muthoni Msoo.

Growth is an important part to any economy. By supporting our local talent, we will be able to grow with them.

pawa_salonContent on PAWA254 courtesy of Sara Malia, intern at PAWA254

Written by Neville Mugambi

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