startup sauna

startup sauna

Today is the 8/5/2014. The weather seems a little chilly. We sip our cups of freshly brewed coffee at iHUB. The crowd eagerly waiting for the startup sauna presentations to start. That was about an hour ago.

First on the stage was Juho Kokkola, from startup sauna… He introduces himself in his well disguised Finnish/american accent. To him startup sauna is still growing, It exists in the Nordics(scandinavian/russian area on map), North and Southern parts of Europe and now Africa. He mentions a few startups that have gone through their program at AALTO Enterprenuership society and startupsauna. A very engaging and precise presentation he gives.

Next on stage is ilkka kivimaki, chairman of the startup sauna Foundation. He confirms to us the he is charge of managing a 100million USD fund at Helsinki. that is more like 8.5 BIllion Kenya shillings. I take out my note book and note some of the cool  management tactics from the Nordic master. you can check him out on twitter @ilkkakivimaki.

This is the first time that Startup Sauna are coming to have a 2 Hackathorne in Africa. The reputation that Kenya has been having as the Silicon Savannah is quite recommendable. On this very day there are more than 15 Kenyan techies who have registered to pitch their startups.

The events schedule will see presentations being made today by the Startup Sauna and the iHUB teams. Then the startups that had registered for event will have a short pitching session for tomorrows presentations. Here is todays schedule.

checkout the Facebook fanpage for more photos from Startup sauna Africa Edition.

neville mugambi at startup sauna, iHUBpresenter #3 saunasafari

By Economist Team


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