As a part-time business student. I recently attended #frideation organiised by C4DLab.
They offer the following services to techies

Startup Incubation

They launched our incubation late in 2013 and received a total of 24 applicants. Currently, our space has a capacity of taking 8 startups, and the rest will be engaged on the virtual incubation model. The first lot of 8 startups will begin operating officially from the lab in March 2014.

Capacity Building & Training

They organize various events in form of seminars, bootcamps, workshops, etc geared towards building the capacity for the university community to easily innovate.

We have also scheduled short courses, particularly cyber security, cloud computing, innovation studies, etc; which will be offered from the second quarter of 2014.


They also engage in building our own in-house products. Last year, we built 9 prototypes of very innovative products. Notably among them were Games for Learning (G4L), which are mainly targeting primary school kids.

If you are free pass by today(or any other Friday) at their premises to check out the stuff they do. from 5:30pm to around 6:30pm.

By Mugambi Neville


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