Kenya’s Nuclear Electricity Project

The toil of Kenya’s nuclear institute at the University of Nairobi have alas born some fruit. The institute which was set up over 30 years ago at the Electrical engineering department has been brainstorming and carrying out research on how to tap this nuclear resource. with pioneers like Professor Anthony Kinyua and Mr. Maina David. Thanks to their contributions with collaboration with the Physics Dept, the program is on the safe hands of the Govt.

The NUCLEAR electricity program is under the vision 2030. They are on the initial phases of engaging the public. They held a conference  recently at Chiromo Campus, School of Physical sciences.  The conference was targeting to engage the physics and engineering students about their intentions. They have identified 10 possible sites where the Nuclear plant could be set up, but never mentioned them in terms of Counties, due to political reasons.

They are considering using two methods of producing electricity at the moment. one is where the nuclear reactor produces energy, then the energy is transformed into heat. the heat is then used to make steam, which turns the turbines thus generating cheap efficient electricity. At the moment we are paying close to KES 13 per KWH which will reduce to about KES 7 per KWH as the nuclear electricity hits the consumers.

nuclear elecricity


The department responsible for this campaign is the Kenya Nuclear Electricity Board (KNEB). The board is under the Kenyan Govt.  Hon Ochilo Ayako is the Director of the Board. They have a bill in legislature to formalize their activities.  For more on the structure of this ambitious project visit

My verdict on this is, so long as the electricity in this country becomes affordable, I am OK with it. As the Assistant Director for Technical Programs clearly illustrated at Chiromo Campus. The economic growth of South Korea is largely attributed to their nuclear electricity plants dating back to when they begun in 1958. It is even in our records that we once gave South Korea a loan those days (Kenyatta’s Era). Now Korea generates more than 20,000MW with a GDP of $33,000. We are currently producing about 2000MW of electricity and our GDP is at $1,800. We urgently need some Nuclear Electricity intervention. #EntertheDragon



By Neville Mugambi.



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