google x in town

Meagan, Solve for X

Meagan, Solve for X

Representatives from Google’s secret  facility, dedicated to making technological advancements such as self driving car, Google glass, project loon and other projects were in Nairobi, Kenya last week. They were to go around the hubs in search for talent. They were in most of the innovation centers including PAWA254. The team were promoting their relatively new activity called Solve For X.

I was lucky to attend their University of Nairobi Solve for X. It was held on Wednesday at the Confucius institute auditorium. The around 100 audiences were kept on their toes by Meagan who was the main host. solve for X is a platform that enables a scholar to declare their x or problem as the audience brainstorm on the solution. The initiative is in partnership with Ted talks. They are planing on hosting more solve for X seminars with different interested parties.

Some of the places toured by Meagan and her team include Fablab university of Nairobi and PAWA254. Keep your ears on the streets for more on this google secretive department and their #moonshot ideas. The solve for X at UON was partly organized by Dr. Kamau Gachigi form Fablab UON.

By Neville Mugambi


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