Youth Unemployement and Opportunities

Meet Enos Olik who is currently in his mid 20’s and One of Kenya’s most talented music video directors.

With a passion for music-videos and photography, he started out editing Youtube slides for artists while still in campus. He currently has over 50 music videos under his belt and most having been played in National television. Demand for directors is on the rise especially since there are very few professionals in the market who charge “affordable rates”.

As the music industry in Kenya is still struggling to catch up with the success of its next door neighbors(Uganda and Tanzania). That fact is debatable, especially with bodies like MCSK(Music Copyright Society of Kenya) and Sanaa Sacco Sanaa SACCO are in place to try help artists.

The video directing industry is still young and as an upcoming you have to double it up with other video skills. Like Enos, on his portfolio, he doubles up as:

  • Filmmaker,
  • Photographer,
  • Animator,
  • Visual Effects & CGI Artist,
  • Creative Director,
  • DP,
  • Designer Musician and
  • Songwriter,

The Government is trying to empower artists with several programs though the industry is still young. There are still countable video directors including Andrew Macharia and J. Blessing. It might some time with the low investment this art is getting.

By Neville Mugambi



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