Dr Willy Mutunga at PAWA254 Initiative Launch

Dr Willy Mutunga in the crowd

Dr Willy Mutunga in the crowd

PAWA254, The new hub for artists located in the State house area, Launched their strategic plan in a colorful event yesterday at their famous “ROOF TOP”. Among the invited guests were Dr. Willy Mutunga, Juliani(performed) and Biyavanga Wainaina among others,. There was music and entertainment for the guests as PAWA launched their strategic plan. Boniface Mwangi, A team leader at the hub was there to welcome the guests.


The place was packed with artists from established to upcoming. When reaching the venue, you would hear music from the gate. As we entered the YMCA alliance building, the first stop we made was at the Mageuzi conference hall. The sets were arranged facing the projector. There, videos on the activities of PAWA and insights on their strategic plan played on a well structured loop.

Roof top at PAWA

Roof top at PAWA

Climbing up the stair cases as we headed to the “ROOFTOP”, Photos on the journey that PAWA has gone through over the years inspired us. Reaching the “ROOFTOP” we found a place to set in the crowd as we got entertained.


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