Youthspark is a global initiative by Microsoft to empower 300 million people with the IT and ICT skills required in today’s world. There are over 30 free programs offered by Microsoft Youthspark program.

There are currently over 75million unemployed youths in the world. These youths lack the necessary skills that Multinational companies and Tech companies are looking for. These positions are normally filled with under or over employed men and women as the youths are nowhere to be seen. That’s where the Youthspark hub comes in

One of the #youthsaprk tools kit

One of the #youthsaprk tools kit

By getting into the youthspark hub, there are a number of things you can get to do. You can do

  1. Learn how to code
  2. Take online certificate courses to build your CV
  3. download free software
One of the youthsaprk stars member stories for back to school

One of the youthsaprk stars member stories for back to school

There are also a number of other aspects that are in the youthspark hub that most youth don’t know about. These are Imagine cup, DigiGirlz, Youthsaprk stars and Touch Develop. All these programs are designed for a wide audience thus the bold declaration by Microsoft citizenship department saying

To empower 300 million people with the IT and ICT skills required in today’s world


Eyenamia ImagineCup 2014/2015 winners.

Eyenamia ImagineCup 2014/2015 winners.

As a global student who is engaged in innovation and would like to take part in Imagine cup. A global challenge that enables talented youths to pitch their ideas competing for the top prize of $50,000 dollars. Last years winners Team Eyenaemia won $50,000, were crowned by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, and got an in-person meeting with Microsoft Founder Bill Gates.

Touch develop is for those youths that wanted to learn how to code but didn’t know where to start, you’re in luck! Using TouchDevelop, coding is made easy and learning is completely free. This comes at a time when most students do not have the right resources to develop windows 8 based applications. The speculation of increase in windows mobile apps might create a shift in demand for the ever popular android phones in this Africa mobile market. The most important aspect of this microsoft is to have fun while learning.


Some of the programs have been proven to work for Ugandan and Kenyan students have bagged several awards and recognitions. The beauty for these individuals was that they managed to have an expense payed trip to Seattle, USA where microsoft headquarters are.


By Neville Mugambi


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