Mc Nuru Bahati From Mombasa

Mc Nuru Bahati From Mombasa

Welcome to Nairobi’s urban neighborhood, Statehouse cresent road. This is where all the poetry happens every weekend dubbed Fatumas Voice. ‘Fatumas Voice’ is a collaborative effort between Pawa254 and the Kenyan Poets Lounge to promote performance art and poetry in the country. A platform whereby young people meet to talk about the evils happening in the society and how they could solve them, their hopes for the future, their life experiences as well as networking hence expanding their social circles. We do this through poetry, live music, motivational talks, and open forum discussions where people air their views on a certain chosen topic of the day.


The Fatumas Voice recently celebrated their one year anniversary. Considering the turnout that they normally receive at this event, this has prompted them to start working on an upcoming television show that will be coming soon. The show has moved from being a free event when it started and it now costs KES 100/= as entry. They have a cocktail of artists and poets who will keep you at the edge of your seat till the performance ends.

Mufasa the poet

Mufasa the poet

‘So far, the bigger bunch of our audience are budding artists. As we grow, we are already having people from the working class trickling in,’ concludes Rix Poet co-founder of Fatumas Voice.

The two co-founders

The two co-founders


I was there last weekend, arriving late. Trying to find somewhere to stand in the fully packed hall. Memories of H_ART THE BAND performing in this same platform and are now riding high with their hit single “Uliza Kiatu”… I was expecting more creativity this past Saturday. The theme for the weekend was Addiction. The poets and musicians had to perform pieces that were in line with the addiction theme. There were wonderful pieces from the professional and upcoming poets.

A section of the audience

A section of the audience

I had a great time at the event this Saturday, too bad i did not take too much notes on the names of all the upcoming artists and poets trying to earn a living through the art. On the other hand I had a really good time and I am hoping to make it to the next Fatumas. For more on their works find them on facebook here and check out their website here

By Neville Mugambi.

Photos courtesy Edu, PAWA254 photographer.

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