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On Saturday 18th April, quite a number of film enthusiast turned out for the launch of Africa Digital Marketing Institute College.   The launch started off with the MC ( non-other than Larry Madowo) making an introduction of himself and clearly giving the audience the program  of the day. After adding a few jokes, He blatted “Coming on stage is  EA Cables manager,  Former director Vision 2030 secretariat, former Pan Africa insurance C.E.O and with a masters from MIT… Mr Mugo Kibati.”



Mr. Mugo energetically jumps on stage. He feels it urgent to point out that lapsset [], Konza city [] and SGR [] are all initiatives under the Vision 2030 that rolled out in 2013. Our journey towards transforming Kenya still goes on. Thanks for ADMI(Africa digital marketing institute) for organizing this event today since the development of film is critical to the economy. It should be more local and our own in terms of content.

“The gap on the supply side of local films is huge.” When Nairobi half-life came out two years ago, Kenyans turned up in numbers to watch. Currently it is safe to say that there has not been a movie that has reached that height.

“We must also have stakeholders able to produce quality films and also to ensure we have enough supply.” Said Mr. Mugo. He pointed out that the role of the government is merely to offer the platform for the services to take place. The mentality of people viewing the government as someone over there with a suit and tie holding a briefcase with huge sums of money inside should change. “Try taking to it” he concluded. He also noted that one should clearly explain and show the value of what they are to produce to the person in the government for them to take your idea seriously by quote “When you have an idea don’t take/pitch it half baked… people get tired.  ”

Since Vision 2030 was all about creating the right environment for Kenyans and investors. I decided to talk to one of the organizers Edward Olumola, the business development manager at ADMI.

The college started back in 2012 mainly majoring in Film training. When it started, it was called Jamhuri Film and TV academy or JFTA. This was due to the vast growth in the film and TV area. Re-branding took place about a month ago. This came due to the fact that they saw the need for new programs with the new digital media. “The mass communication that is being offered currently considers the digital migration.” Said Mr Edward. Though he admitted that there needs to be more sensitization of the public when it comes to film. If only there was such a tender then ‘we’ would be rich.

By Neville Mugambi

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