The human Capital Boom in Africa Cities and What it Means


speculation has it that the high levels of un-employment in the African region for youths straight out of learning institutions has resulted in adverse deviation in economical projections. This deviation from the projections from top researchers and analysts have everyone watching in dis-belief. Currently is highlighting the plight of Asian slaves who have stayed in captivity for years. It has also been highlighting the plight of African immigrants die-ing on their way to europe via the Mediterranean.

As the RED CROSS put it, “There are hazards and disasters ” meaning, all natural occurring disasters are hazards while disasters are man made.

The combined GDP(Gross domestic product) of all the 54 African countries was at 1.6 Trillion dollars in 2008. If we were to put this figure in Zimbabwean currencies. we would not be doing so badly as the combined GDP would be highly inflated mirroring that the African economy is at the top of all the 7 continents.

Currently in Kenya, The recommended minimum wage is at 480 shillings per day. roughly translates to the figure below.


wage rate

With Malawi embracing the high levels of food security. Ethiopia embracing the same agri- policies. Kenya embracing health policies you might think that doctors are happy with their jobs. The argument of being filled with the abundance of food reduces the need to work. Though if one is healthy he will be ready to work. Though in this case, work where?

By Ben Onyango

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