Mpesa is what Obama should come to learn.



Kenya is known for many tourist attraction spots. from the Maasai mara, to the Serena groups of hotels, the rhinos, Konza city, the giraffe center at Karen and most of all for its confused politics. Speaking of the later, the international community(united nations) played a major role in resolving the 2007 post election violence. Since then, as a nation, have been keen on who has been elected in key positions.

Back to the scheduled visit by ‘THA’ president of the United States of America. considering a survey i have done from around 15 people, no one has the slightest idea of what he is coming to do? some are busy making merchandises in anticipation for sale others waiting for the TV brief of what went down. Considering that the last time he was here, he bought a painting. if you don’t know this read the 2009 ‘Msafiri’ by kenyairways Obama last visit to kenya article.

So, if the white house dint get the memo. the are looking for 2 trillion shillings this year to finance their government. The figures last year collected by the tax authority was 1.6 trillion shillings. with the government facing issues like war, national security, education crisis… maybe he should learn how the M-pesa works and just send us the fare that he would have used. Because I am pretty sure… the entourage will spend more than 1 billion shillings in preparation for the trip.

world environmet week

world environmet week

Comparing that with the amount of money makes (17 billion shillings annually/ 1.1 billion shillings monthly). Maybe he should just skip the visiting day and send kenya some pocket money via Mpesa.


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