For the past two weeks I have been wondering where I can get my press clearance as the Kenyan Economist founder. I had heard that getting the press pass was quite easy as one just needed to drop by the CCK offices in Westlands and apply. phew! what a relief, I figured. Later during the week… Laziness kicked in and I Google’d the ‘CCK’. Nothing came up. I figured they must have have changed their domain name to something else because it should have worked considering the fact that cck was a very unique acronym for a government body.

After asking around… It dawned on me that the name was changed by the Jubilee govt to the Communications Authority of Kenya( from Communications commission of Kenya. It was a national circular where nearly all commissions in the country got a name change to become Authorities.

Going back to the world wide web… I noticed that using the initial CAK, you were actually either looking for Communications authority of Kenya or the competition authority of Kenya(  I asked my colleague Moses Omusolo” Why are there two CAK’s in this country”. and mumbled on “they even have resembling domain names”.

As it turns out. I was thinking from a perspective where I later had to find other govt institutions with closely resembling initials forgetting that you can Google whole sentences and get your desired outcome right at the top. From that conversation with Moses and other civilians that I tried to engage during my walks back home from the office. I had to give up and start researching my conspiracies before I start making head and tail out of them. I also found out that the press pass is got from somewhere totally not the CA(communications authority).

By Neville Mugambi

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