CMS Summit… Rwanda Is Next

Mr. Oduor Jagero(Kenyan writer and entrepreneur) on extreme left.

Through the past 5 years in tech, CMS (Content management services) have been evolving and are making website design even easier to handle for companies and businesses across africa. If you have no idea about CMS google it and see the major players in the industry including WordPress and Joomla.

Kenya once hosted one of these summits and this year it was in Nigeria.

The deal has already been signed and the summit is headed to Rwanda20229372_10213278323491852_1784590767051834578_n.All in all, you could look forward to the findings and interviews, and hope there would be some kind of way to make content management systems a little easier for the customers to understand a bit cheaper or just affordable for the African population.

For the Nigeria summit review, look no further than the link below.

Five Automatticians recently attended this event in Abuja, Nigeria.

via Field Notes: CMS Africa Summit — The Blog

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