courtesy of UPART TOGETHER 

The current situation of political unrest and seemingly political unrest has affected major opposition strongholds especially after the fact that they willingly denied themselves the opportunity to vote. These areas include the following counties: Kisumu, Migori, Homabay, Siaya(the opposition leaders home counties), parts of Bungoma, Kakamega, Vihiga, Busia, Mombasa(or majorly the Coast province).

Since politics can be termed as an avenue to Who gets What of the national cake, then it is clear that these areas are in for a political marginalization.

It is a bit paradoxical how the current president did not turn up for the presidential debate and a few months later the opposition leader decides not to participate in the repeat elections terming them as a sham election(using his own words during his CNN interview on Friday). Some opposition sympathizers have labelled the IEBC(interim electoral and boundaries commission) as a branch of the Jubilee govt.

If only I were able to take a couple of selfies with my friends you guys see how we…(The Kenyans are not seriously affected by these cheap propaganda by these two politicians who have had a job since the former President Moi left office)… are OK.

The Nairobi Securities Exchange rang its bells on Friday and we hope that they opened shop today to facilitate the day to running of shares. The malls are a bit sluggish in business dew to demos in some areas. The schools are in the last leg of preparing for their finals and all the public Universities have been closed indefinitely…this may be due to the massive youths who are idle are currently  can readily engage in violent protests as was the case in South Africa during the Anti-Jacob Zuma protests


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