Zimbabwe’s political woes dawn on them and Us

The past few weeks in Zimbabwe have seen the propo-sition of Jacob Zuma’s Wife as the in coming ANC (Africa national congress of South Africa) chair Lady … And the bomb of all shockers was the preparations by the Zimbabwe regime to replace the incumbent (90 year old “sitting at home”) President with his wife after sacking the Vice- president for being too ambitious.

Back at home here in the mess we can describe as politics… we have an opposition leader that is trying to declare themselves president through the supreme court and every channel is following the Trail…

The opposition leader(Raila Amollo) lost the election in august and… a turn of events… “which where constitutional” have made him appear to have his supporters stay at home and not vote… claiming since the president has 7 million votes, he and his 12 million supporters stayed at home.

We are a bit young for the investors to study our politics to make investment decisions… As Africa… but the better angle would be to profile the businesses being run successfully by our more intelligent Africans. Because 3% interest rate on the so called blue chip companies listed in the stock exchange might not be a reasonable to invest in for a proper retirement package(Trust me I have read and tried investing in them). Taking a look at the figures of M-Pesa and Safaricom, there is a bill in parliament to separate the two products owned by Safaricom. Safaricom presently announced that it transacted 3 trillion dollars in 2016 on Mobile money alone.

Zimbabwe on the other hand still have govt inteference in their telecoms network thus this might not be the sector to invest individually unless you have an army or mercenaries.

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