Youth On Mobility Quest

From Monday this week we have been looking at the future of the youth on mobile application development and here comes a series of stories from the on going @UNESCO held training that ends on 2nd march 2018. The training will empower a few teams of women on the android app development process and how to develop an android prototype.

The view from the youth focused training’s are a series of UNESCO training’s that are currently ongoing in the continent to empower the youth on applications that are based on the mobile phone technologies. (Just to be clear the events are fully patented and the #Youthmobile hashtags are reserved for these types of trainings that are meant to assist the Youth in the Continent). The UN branch is working on a youth summer school that will assist them in acquiring  coding  skills …

UNESCO #YouthMobile initiative helps youth everywhere solve local challenges and create jobs, through the development of mobile apps. Do you want to join our effort?

– Follow the YouthMobile Initiative on Twitter @YouthMobile_
– Visit the project website at
– Learn about our workshop in South Sudan:

The Nairobi Youthmobile edition has some interesting turn of events and the are a few teams that are working on great stuff.


There are the PIONEER app team that seek to sensitize the plight of the girl child in the marginalized and hard to reach areas. There is also the FIKA app team that seeks to develop an application that helps the farmers bring their produce to market at a market friendly price rate and by giving them supply orders .


There are other coders who are still getting the hang of the android studio development environment but the only thing we as Africans have is time on our side. We as the youth are looking at the aspects of there being more mobile application developers and we hope to see these edition of #youthmobile which was also a #womenintech event replicate its inventiveness.

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