Niw2018 day one

courtesy zydii media


The day started a bit low today due to the natural state of the weather that we are currently experiencing in the country. The NIW2018 stands for Nairobi Innovation Week and the first day of the week is today readers… have no fear for other exciting exclusives from the Kenyan.

The first event on my agenda was the design thinking event which the organizers had already set up and was ready to kick off by the scheduled time on the ‘timetable’. The room was packed with guys who had come to learn how to design thinking process is concurred.

design thinking

The coach who is from the African Nazarene university has been coaching teams since 2015 and has traveled across the region empowering individuals on the benefits of design thinking. The workshop usually takes around a week for the participants to grasp the idea.

The whole idea(in a nutshell!) deals with using post-it notes and charts provided by either the Impact team or the charts from the Stanford design school. They are what is termed as do it yourself activities and are easy to understand once you get the hang of it. It will  not regret it, I promise you this… be it your business or for fun.

Having fun during the exercise is key. Regards.

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