Huawei 2018 Graduate Recruitment


Huawei technologies Kenya Limited has announced a recruitment drive that targets the student who will graduate from university in this 2018 period. The applications are to be made directly to the official application email address

The employer would be looking at internship positions, with openings in the following areas:

  1. Network technology
  2. software
  3. core network
  4. I.T (information technology)
  5. procurement
  6. project management

The technology company boasts itself as the world number 2 patent filer in the world. The number 1 position has been held by IBM  (International Business Machines ) for years in their quest for PC technologies. Huawei has also been trying 5g tech in the african peninsula and they assured us that Kenya is not so far away in the 4G to 5G migration.

“Why would you want to work for Huawei? is Huawei for you? are you for Huawei?”

Faith Nancy, Senior HR manager Huawei Kenya.

“we influence the telecommunications in Kenya, we want you to be part of this. If we have bad quality products, we are not going to have customers thus we all care about the company having good quality products ” added Faith from HR.

the applicants are to indicate the area they are applying in either its network technology or project management.



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