Some #FreeBobiwine Tribute concert

DpSwfPSVsAANVdb.jpg large

12:00 noon the set is being setup

14:00 a few guys working on the concert and the crowd trickles in a bit slower than usual and the sound is all setup

14:30 Alfajiri the band finish doing their sound check, sampling some BoB marley songs , Gregory Isaacs cruise ships sailing in the ocean.

15:00 the line up is set and its a tribute for sure, “The ever fresh doing their sound check. We have performing as part of free concert . Come through.

17:00 Some of the artists still haven’t shown up but the DJ is doing his thing, drinks going for 200 bob and the bar area is a bit scare… Octopizzo is in the house with his “branding ambassador”

the hour is late though for such technical appearances


17:30 the one we had been waiting for the day arrives for the talk… some hispanic journalist was eargerly waiting for this photo opp…



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